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3 Paid Advertising Tips to Kickstart 2022

Posted by Stephanie Holland on Feb 1, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Stephanie Holland
| 4 minute read

Paid Advertising Tips

We’re almost halfway through the first quarter of 2022, and if you haven’t mapped out your digital advertising strategy for the year, be sure to read through Markentum’s top three tips!

The past couple of years have brought about some significant changes in the paid advertising world. Knowing how to get started and what updates you can make can ensure your ads drive qualified leads.  


The first big tip for pay-per-click (PPC) in 2022 is to shift your mindset. Instead of working toward generating as many contacts and leads as possible, make sure that the ads you are spending your marketing dollars on are driving quality prospects

Review the tactics and messaging within your ads and look at the senior living marketing leads coming from them. If you are generating a lot of leads who are not converting to move-ins at your senior living communities, it may be time to update your offer. 

At the end of the day, you need to recognize that your higher-quality leads tend to be more expensive. Fortunately, the overall customer acquisition costs do start to trend downwards when the leads you’re receiving from paid ads are becoming customers. And, ultimately, this improves your overall return on investment.


As we briefly mentioned, the paid advertising industry has experienced changes, including a massive wave of data restrictions and limitations due to the growing need for protecting consumer data and upholding privacy policies. The iOS 14 update that Apple rolled out in 2021 was one of the bigger hiccups that Facebook and Google had to react to. According to WordStream, 96% of iOS users in the U.S. have opted out of app tracking. Google has countered with an announcement that Chrome plans to phase out browser cookies by 2023.

These data restrictions and policy updates make it much more difficult for advertisers to utilize third-party data, which has been the “go-to” for years, with 80% of advertisers relying on third-party cookies. As a result, the use of first-party data has become the latest and greatest option when trying to reach users who have already interacted with your brand. First-party data can also help you expand your audience because it is data you are already collecting, and you can use that to create lookalike audiences to remarket to.

First-party data includes:

  • Customer data that you are collecting on your own website or CRM
  • Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of those who fill out your online forms or contact you directly
  • Existing residents, customers, family members, prospects, or leads
  • Website visitors or those who spend a specific amount of time on your website
  • And more!

Lead generation forms on your website are one of the strongest ways to fill your first-party database, so it is a great starting point if you don’t already have that method in place. 

Once you have first-party data, it is a great idea to integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) system with your advertising platform so you can more easily incorporate the data and attribute leads and customers efficiently. Our marketing automation team at Markentum is highly skilled at helping our senior living partners with this.


If your leads have started to stagnate, or you notice that the paid advertising leads you are generating are not converting into customers, it definitely could be time to evaluate your messaging.

  • Are you sharing a compelling message or offer?
  • Why should someone click your ad and provide their information to you right now?
  • Is what you are promoting infusing a sense of urgency and timeliness?
  • How can you make your ads stand out?

If you are stuck trying to answer these questions, reach out to us! We would love to hear from you and help you evaluate your current digital advertising efforts.

Markentum is a digital marketing agency specializing in senior living marketing. Discover how we can help you maximize your social media and paid advertising efforts by reaching out to our team today!


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