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3 Ways To Attract An Engaged Audience On Social Media

Posted by Markentum Team on Mar 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Markentum Team
| 4 minute read

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From sharing your community's mission and values to showing the activities your residents partake in, social media can be a robust platform for any senior living community. But is it worth the time spent if no one sees it? 

Often times, senior living communities, among other businesses, will see no audience on their social media platforms and choose to stop their efforts. Who could blame them? No one wants to speak to an empty room. Creating a buzz about your business can be difficult, but there are a few tips you can start implementing today to create meaningful engagements tomorrow.

Encourage Your Physical Audience To Go Digital 📲

As a senior living community, some of your biggest supporters are your current residents and their family members. It's important to use your social media platforms as a place to bridge the gap of contact between the family caregivers at home and their loved ones in your community. If your community posts live videos of social events and fun photos of different games and crafts, why wouldn't families want to be engaging on the Facebook page? Allowing family members to be included and have an inside look into the day-to-day operations can provide them with an overwhelming amount of reassurance and lead to happier customers!

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Welcome packets, waiting areas, and front lobbies are perfect opportunities to highlight your social media accounts and other digital ways for family members and residents to stay up-to-date. Having a simple poster printed and framed that lets them know which social media platforms your community has, as well as your page name, so they know how to search for it with will help to improve the number of meaningful engagements your page receives.

Again, it's a great idea to start this at the beginning of the relationship by adding this information into a welcome packet. Contact will be even more vital at this stage for both the resident and their family members so providing a way to stay in touch and informed out of the gate is a great way to instill immediate trust.

Be a Resource For Potential New Residents 🧠

Not everyone who finds your page will have a family member at your community, and that is a good thing! Your digital marketing efforts won't work if everyone on your social media is already a customer of your senior living community. You want to aim to be a resource to this audience in the consideration stage and give them a reason to return to your Facebook page.

From sharing articles on downsizing to highlighting some of your best caregivers, reassuring your audience of your expertise is critical to getting them to seek more information about your community. Additionally, the content you provide for your residents' family members will also allow these potential family members to see what their loved one could be doing if they chose your senior living community.


Welcome Feedback To Your Social Media Page 👍👎

Social media is also an excellent place for your most prominent advocates to speak highly about your staff and services. When's the last time you asked a thankful family member to leave you a Facebook review? As social media strengthens as a search engine, more and more family members and potential residents will turn to social media reviews during their search process while evaluating their options.

Branding Triangle_MarkentumAs we know, word of mouth is one of the most influential and organic marketing effort available to a business, and positive reviews are the driving force behind actions taken by users.

Facebook reviews can be challenging as no one wants to deal with a negative review on such a public platform, but the reward is worth more than the risk. Even negative engagement with your business can turn into a win for your senior living community if handled correctly. Negative comments and reviews can cause an immediate spike in engagement as users wait to see how you and your team respond. It's important to use your best customer service skills to mediate as well as highlighting how seriously your team takes the review and being appreciative of their feedback. Users typically reciprocate gratitude when they feel their review is acknowledged and handled appropriately. Engaged users on the sideline will also respect your company's effort to make a public response.

Creating any audience at all can be a hard feat and a truly engaged audience is something many marketers are still working on mastering. As a senior living community, your most significant advantage is being a part of an industry that works to improve lives. People want to engage with a business that is caring for our generation of seniors with respect and dignity -  especially when that senior is their family member. With that being said, creating an engaged audience for your community will be easier than for many other product-based businesses especially when putting these three tips to use!

Now that you have a fully engaged audience, we encourage you to read our blog on the different types of content to post to help make sure your engagement is evergreen! Or, contact our social media team at Markentum and learn how, together, we can help grow your social media engagement!


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