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Markentum’s Thoughts: Adding Momentum to My Internship

Posted by Benjamin Steele on Aug 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Benjamin Steele
| 3 minute read
I am impressed and pleasantly surprised by my time at Markentum. Some might say that doesn’t mean much coming from an intern, but I’d argue the opposite. I’ve always felt that a good measure of a workplace’s atmosphere and culture is the treatment of entry-level employees, and from my experience, Markentum deserves a perfect score.
It’s a common assumption that interns are usually treated poorly; expected to perform menial tasks, like file-sorting and coffee-running. Markentum is nothing like this. I was able to work independently on projects, collaborate with experienced professionals, and participate in essential meetings planning our future in the digital marketing marketplace. That’s without discussing the fantastic group of people that work here! My involvement was surprisingly far-reaching. To illustrate this, I’d point to the experience working on my first marketing campaign.
Benjamin Steele_MarkentumWithin my first week, Markentum's President, Chris, had me building a list of senior living communities to contact with the goal of developing a campaign to highlight our downloadable eBooks. Initially, I believed I’d be finishing this list, handing it off to a more knowledgeable member of the team, and never hearing about it again. This assumption couldn’t have been further from the truth as I directed the process from start to finish. I analyzed every senior living community, drafted every email, and built out the automated workflows within HubSpot; all with the freedom to explore different methods and ideas. I worked closely with Chris to ensure that I used language befitting of Markentum, as well as Loreal, Markentum's Inbound Marketing Manager, who advised on best practices regarding HubSpot and email marketing.
Yes, you read that right - an intern directed a marketing campaign! I’ll be upfront that, that campaign hasn’t been amazingly successful up to this point, and I have a lot to improve on when it comes to digital marketing. However, the type of trust and autonomy that Markentum fosters in its employees truly separates this internship from any other. Markentum also provided an invaluable learning environment, where I’ve been able to develop my inbound marketing and organizational skills.

During my time here, I never felt like a machine. I wasn’t just an intern told only to complete a task a specific way, without any decision-making. I was always aware of the larger process and understood why my work was necessary.
The friendly atmosphere that every employee radiates cannot be overlooked; there isn’t a single Markentum team member that wasn't ready and willing to provide tips, recommendations, or friendly banter. Initially, I felt out of my depth. Being surrounded by so many seasoned, intelligent professionals can be intimidating. Thankfully, that feeling lasted all of three hours. Before starting, I worked closely with Turner, Markentum's Account Executive, and was able to enter the Markentum culture as soon as I arrived, and I’m incredibly appreciative of it.
Don’t get me wrong, I did my fair share of list building and contact sorting here, but fair share is the operative term. This equal workload was essential and elevated this opportunity from being a typical internship to an amazing work experience.
Some may think that digital marketing for senior living sounds boring or irrelevant, but I disagree. I’ve had a wonderful time at Markentum, and if I weren’t returning to Boston to begin a new semester at Northeastern University, I would love the opportunity to stay. It’s going to be challenging to say goodbye to everyone here, but I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to be a part of this incredible company!

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