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Markentum's Thoughts: Connecting Senior Living Professionals at Argentum 2022

Posted by Heaven Cassata on Jun 14, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Heaven Cassata
| 6 minute read


The senior living sector deserves the proper experience - and in keeping with the theme of Argentum 2022, Better Together, four incredible senior living organizations collaborated to highlight the power and the importance of combining ideas, energy, and passion.

This year, we traveled to Minneapolis for three days full of sharing industry knowledge, connections, and learning new ways to help elevate our partner's efforts.

On the first night of the conference, Markentum, Sentrics, ONR, and LE3 Solutions hosted The Proper Experience!

Our event highlighted our desire to unite four different types of organizations and connect with leaders from our space and provide everyone with the opportunity to share experiences and build stronger relationships. 

As part of our mission to collaborate with other senior living organizations working hard in our space, we asked each company a couple of questions geared towards Argentum and The Proper Experience. See what they had to say! 

1. What does The Proper Experience mean to you and your company?  

Kelly Stranburg (LE3 Solutions), shared:

"The Proper Experience was an opportunity to reconnect with industry friends and peers as well as meet new friends. For two years, our collective space has experienced the toughest of times and has not been able to be together at conferences, meetings, etc. At LE3 Solutions, The Proper Experience was a way to say thank you to our collective space and recognize the hard work and sacrifices of the past two years."

Kaitlin Petrie (ONR Therapy), shared:

"The Proper Experience is a comprehensive, dynamic approach to senior living. The name alone illustrates a unique understanding of the senior living industry and the collaboration warranted to enhance resident lives and facilitate change. In the spirit of variety, 'The Proper Experience' carefully curated a diverse background of senior living professionals (ranging from onsite therapy to tech, marketing, and life enrichment experts) to spark conversation, generate ideas, and facilitate further collaboration beyond just the Argentum conference." 

Heaven Cassata (Markentum), added: 

"Senior Living deserves VIP treatment. It is up to all of us to ensure that the seniors of today and the future are properly taken care of throughout their lives. Whether we work on an operator or vendor level, each one of us has the opportunity to impact lives in different ways. The Proper Experience was a networking event with the goal to bring together key professionals in order to facilitate conversations and provide that life-changing experience to our one priority: the life and experience of the senior." 

The Proper Experience Brochure-Professional Networking Event at Argentum 2022-Jeannine-Marie-Photography

2. Why is collaboration important? 

Kelly Stranburg (LE3 Solutions), shared: 

"The greatest ideas and innovation often come from collaboration. Too often, we hear about companies worrying more about the competition than recognizing why not learn from one another and see if there are creative ways to partner that are a win-win for all involved parties, including communities, residents, families, and staff. We strongly believe in senior housing and aging services and that there is more than enough business for everyone. The potential opportunity for collaboration to elevate these fields and address critical needs is imperative for all key stakeholders as the older adult demographic continues to grow in size, needs, and expectations." 

Kate Rouse (ONR Therapy), added:

"Collaboration is the foundation for innovation, which is the solution for change. 'The Proper Experience' capitalized on the opportunity to facilitate a gathering of diverse senior living professionals to ignite discussion and maximize collaboration across a myriad of backgrounds."


3. What are your three big takeaways from Argentum 2022? 

Sara Kyle (LE3 Solutions), explained:

"The first big takeaway that we learned is that we need to figure out creative ways to educate to the public about our space for hiring and retention needs, from front line staff to key leadership positions. We also learned that technology is not going anywhere, and it's up to our organizations to truly ensure we are ready to embrace new technology solutions as they arrive and get our staff ready as these transitions occur. Finally, we need to develop middle market solutions and collaborate to ensure the middle market has viable, desirable living options or services for aging in place."

Anthony Stannard (ONR Therapy), shared:

"Argentum 2022 reinforced the importance of ingenuity and thoughtful conversation. The conference focused on proactive, practice solutions for discourse as well as unique opportunities for tech and third-party healthcare integration. Most notably, the conference provided a platform for all genres of senior living to connect and collaborate, which again, helps foster innovation and ultimately results in solutions and change for the betterment of our seniors."

Karen O'Hara (Sentrics), added:

"Our key takeaways from Argentum 2022 was that as senior living professionals, we need to work hard to recruit and retain staff. Operator training needs to be streamlined, easy to access, and provides employees with the proper tools for the job. In addition, we need to ensure that technology is properly onboarded in order to minimize the burden on the staff. In addition, communities need to work to build back occupancy. There is a brand-new era of senior living upon us, and we must ensure that we have the proper tools in place to properly protect the health and wellbeing of residents. Over 63% of potential residents and families are now asking about risk mitigation practices! Finally, we need to reduce our risk. It's important that data is properly collected in order to adhere to government guidelines." You can learn more about the key takeaways and findings from Argentum 2022 on the Sentrics website here.

We are so motivated by these individuals and others in the senior living sector who are striving to create better care, better experiences, and better opportunities for older adults and employees. Markentum is excited to grow with these organizations and continue to give senior living the proper experience it deserves!  

We've got photos! Check out our Proper Experience gallery:
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