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Lexus Bailey

Lexus Bailey

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Pros and Cons of Using Stock Photography for Your Community

Posted by Lexus Bailey on Dec 8, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a phrase that has been heavily adopted into our American culture. Whether that is true or not, we know that they are worth the emotions that are stirred in the viewer. So properly choosing and implementing stock photography for your senior living community is crucial to accurately representing your brand and message.

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Markentum’s Recommended Photo Editing Apps

Posted by Lexus Bailey on Apr 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

Take a moment to imagine with me...

Excitedly you slide open that sleek white box. You peel back the plastic cover to reveal what you’ve been looking forward to for the last six months. It’s the newest iPhone with the best camera yet. You quickly rush through setup tapping every “skip” button you can find. Finally, you’ve arrived! With a swift click the camera app opens, you snap your dog in the cutest pose you’ve ever seen. But wait... why is the picture so dark? The colors look dull? You didn’t even realize that the leftover bag of Cheetos and dirty laundry were not only on the floor but now in your picture!

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