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Connect with Your Audience on Social Media

Posted by Loreal Hiscock on Nov 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Loreal Hiscock
| 3 minute read

Connect with Your Audience on Social Media-Markentum

With so many different social media platforms, the social media world can seem confusing or overwhelming to many. However, the purpose of social media is simple – it’s a network to connect people and promote conversation, and as a business, you want to be a part of the conversation.

When approaching social media, the first thing to consider is your audience. Does your audience use this platform? If not, maybe it’s not the best use of your time or resources to “advertise” there. Just because a specific social media platform is popular, doesn’t make it the right platform for your message. Be where your audience is!

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Depending on the number of communities you have, you will also need to decide whether you will create social media profiles for each community, or just maintain a single “corporate” profile.

Although social media tends to be a more relaxed environment, when creating content for social media, you still want to keep your brand and message in mind. Remember, you’re trying to capture the attention of users who are “scrolling” by. It’s not just about sharing links from your website or your own blog posts (But, yes! Share your own blog posts!), you want to share relevant, senior living content that will grab the attention of your audiences like videos or colorful graphics.

Social media marketing is also great for sharing other professionals or expert’s content, such as blogs about medical research or advances in technology. Showing your audience that, although you didn’t create the content, you are staying up-to-date in the senior living industry and can be a resource for them in all areas of the industry, not just in the services you provide. 


Don’t Just Create Content, Create Engagement

Online Engagement Meme_MarkentumRemember, when it comes to content marketing, it’s not always about quantity. Yes, the more content you push out, the more opportunities you will have to reach your audience and generate leads, but you also have to remember quality. And quality content will create quality engagement. Engagement can be a “share” on Facebook or a comment tagging a friend that starts a conversation around your page.

Engagement can also be considered positive audience feedback. The more engagement a piece of content gets, the more you’ll know it’s providing the information your audience is looking for, allowing you to elaborate on that topic and create additional pieces of content!


Get the Most Out of Your Content

You never want to be one and done with your content. Yes, the SEO optimization you use in your content creation will help your audience find you through an online search, but you can still re-post and repurpose your content to reach the largest audience possible. Some examples of repurposing content could be:

  • Convert topics into infographics highlighting bullet points or specific statistics or facts and share those graphics on social media.

  • Write an eBook and use the copy to create smaller, separate blog posts.

  • If a particular blog received strong engagement, don’t be afraid to share it again. 👯‍♀️
    • The opposite is also true! If a blog didn’t receive a lot of views or engagement, share it again and give your audience another opportunity to see it.

  • If you reference something that you’ve previously written about, link to it!
    • Once you’ve attracted a user to your website, the most valuable thing you can do is to continuously engage them. If they are viewing a blog about transitioning a parent to assisted living, make sure there are links on that page to other blogs or landing pages related to assisted living. Be their #1 resource for everything assisted living!

There are no rules on how often you can share your own content. You’re spending your time and resources to create this content, so use it as often as you can. If you want to talk with our content team about growing your social marketing strategy, contact us today! 


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