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Markentum Growth Philosophy: Design & Develop

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Jul 20, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chris Mohrman
| 4 minute read

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As a marketing agency focused on senior living, we believe that the best growth happens through partnership. Ideas are more powerful when they are shared. Our motto, "Let's grow together!" reflects that attitude and is the foundation for our six values that comprise Markentum’s growth philosophy.

This growth philosophy breathes life into our work and is found within every partnership we have, providing us with the necessary framework to maintain ongoing success. Throughout our Growth Philosophy series, we will be discussing each of our six values and how they influence us throughout our efforts. Be sure to check out the first blog in this series. 


Our second and third values, Design & Develop, bring marketing ideas to life. After we Discover the unique attributes of a project or partnership, we bring it to life through Design and Develop the solutions that will provide growth. These solutions may vary in their scope, but we approach them with the same eagerness that we have seen translate into success time and time again. 

Whether it’s fresh branding, a new website, social media graphics, or any other service that we are providing, our award-winning Design means being intentional in our mission to bring our marketing ideas on your behalf to light. 

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Ours is Design with purpose in mind! We are in the business of creating tools that people engage with, not the business of making museum pieces simply for people to look at and then leave. Our Design is an extension of the companies that we represent in the digital world. We take time to research and study current trends as well as proven techniques. When we write, with our value of Design in focus, we are speaking on behalf of our partners with the right audience addressed. 

Next, we Develop from this place of understanding our goals. We don’t leave our ideas on a whiteboard but translate Design into a reality that can be tested and measured. When we Develop, we are assembling all the pieces of our multichannel strategy for launch. We believe that an effective digital marketing strategy is one that understands that all of the different channels (SEO, Paid Advertising, PR, websites, email campaigns, marketing automation, and more) must be connected for them to work at maximum efficiency. We can’t just go from ideas to implementation and expect ongoing growth without taking the time to Develop according to best practices. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And a robust marketing strategy demands time to Develop

Why is this important? 🔍

With so much Design work being involved in every aspect of digital marketing, it is crucial to our success that we follow the vision of any company’s brand. A brand is so much more than just a logo or a slogan. It involves the look and the feel, the heart and mindset of a company. Our Design must tap into that in order to communicate effectively. 

Charlie Hoff, Markentum’s Creative Design Director, says this:

Charlie Hoff Headshot

“Design is simply the ability to tell your story the best way possible. Design is what will set you apart from your competition and help you garner the desired emotion or feeling from customers.

As the Creative Design department, we familiarize ourselves with the brand by studying partner interviews, their marketing strategy and messaging, their brand’s personality, their customers’ personalities, their unique challenges, and their competitors. Good design decisions aren’t just made by chance; they’re made after hours of intensive research and careful planning. We then create those graphics, capture the photos and videos, and build the website that tells the story.”

When we set out to Develop, we are careful to follow the guidelines established by Design to resonate with the company we are partnered with and the audience we want to reach. Whenever we revisit Design, we are quick to follow up on any changes and Develop solutions that are congruent. 

Curtis HeadshotOur Director of Web Development, Curtis McHale, furthers this idea:

“Once design is done, their work gets turned over to development to make it come to life. There is always a bit of tension between the ideal that design wants and what is possible in the real world that we can bring to users. The constraints on both sides help us all provide something excellent that is visually appealing, easy to maintain, and delivers an optimal experience to the site visitors.”

Additionally, our Develop value means we continue doing this work throughout the lifetime of our partnership. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. Things are moving too fast in the digital world for that. We hate stale bread, and we hate stale work. So whether it’s through our Infinity Maintenance program to keep your website fresh and engaging or our quarterly strategy meetings to discuss new and upcoming solutions, we are constantly thinking about what we can do to Design and Develop with growth as the focus for our partners. 

Communicating who you are to a team that listens and can generate working solutions from start to finish is a must in today’s digital environment. Through the Design & Develop stages of our Growth Philosophy, Markentum is able to do just that for you and your company. 

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