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Markentum Growth Philosophy: Discover

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Jun 29, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chris Mohrman
| 4 minute read

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As a marketing agency in an ever-evolving digital world, we believe that the challenges of growth are best navigated in partnership with others. No person arrives at their destination alone. We move forward only because others have made a way through their courage and groundbreaking advancements.

Our motto, "Let's grow together!," reflects that attitude and is the foundation for our six values that comprise Markentum’s growth philosophy. This growth philosophy, followed throughout our work and found with every partnership we have, provides us with the necessary framework to maintain excellent ongoing efforts. Throughout our Growth Philosophy series, we will be discussing each of our six values and how they guide us through every stage of growth. 

Our first value, Discover, is the starting point for all of our relationships at Markentum, whether they are internal or external. 

Each time we engage in a partnership with a senior living company or with a professional in the aging services industry, we recognize that we have an opportunity to look at a new landscape. The Discover value challenges us to look with fresh eyes at what is unique about what is being offered and accomplished. At Markentum, Discover means being willing to dig a little deeper, ask more questions, wonder about the why and the how, turn something over and look from a different perspective. 

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Why is this important? 🔍

It’s easy to see that Discover is integral in creating new partnerships. We love being able to Discover what is unique about each and every company that we work with in the world of senior living. In a sea of same, we believe that through meaningful conversation, we can Discover the special spark that guides the purpose of a senior living company. 

Headshot Ryan Circle Gradient Transparent-1Our Vice President of Strategic Growth, Ryan Blanco, shares this insight:

“In my opinion, Discover is the most important of the six components, especially for me in a business development role. I can't count the number of times I have been asked how much our services cost or what we would recommend before I have even had a chance to learn anything about their business. A long time ago, I heard a great analogy. You have a persistent ache in your knee, and you finally decide to schedule that doctor's visit. You are taken back to the exam room. The doctor walks in and without talking to you, without examining the knee, or ordering a single test, immediately says, "you have a staph infection; we will need to amputate today." You would bolt out of that room immediately (or as fast as your balky knee would allow)!

No sane person would allow a doctor to diagnose them this way, but people often expect that from people in the business development role. Just give me your best price. But until we complete the Discover phase, I don't even know what the problem is, much less the solution.

During the Discover phase, I try to understand what the challenges are, how long they have been dealing with the problems, how much are those problems costing them (not just money, but time, resources, lost opportunities), what their goals are, and what their budget looks like. Our services may be a great fit, but they may not be. Without walking through the discovery phase, I would not be able to provide an effective solution.”

also is a vital part of our existing partnerships. Because digital marketing changes so rapidly, Markentum is responsible for staying current with updates and learning new channels.  Our partners rely on us to research opportunities and inform them of what we can do together to grow their success. Our Account Strategists have ongoing conversations with our partners to Discover what these new opportunities are and how we can implement them together. 

mk_headshot_circles_hollee-1-1As a Markentum Account Strategist, Hollee Kennedy speaks to the Discover value with these thoughts:

“Discover is learning each of our partners "why" when it comes to the reason they are in senior living and how they demonstrate that throughout their community. I try to make this discussion as conversational as possible to get the most authentic responses. When hearing firsthand from our partners, I can feel the passion, and it helps us utilize that same voice through our digital marketing efforts.”

All of our team is charged to Discover. Each department knows the importance of embracing this value. Curiosity and wonder keep our agency fresh and innovative, and we believe people that love to Discover, do the best work. 

Connect with us and Discover how Markentum can bring fresh growth to your digital marketing.



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