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Markentum Growth Philosophy: Drive

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Aug 24, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chris Mohrman
| 3 minute read

Blog Header_Drive-Markentum Growth Philosophy

Our focus at Markentum is creative digital marketing for the senior housing industry. We develop partnerships with senior living companies and get excited about creating impactful and meaningful solutions. Our motto, "Let's grow together!", embodies that attitude and is the mission of our Growth Philosophy.

This growth philosophy breathes life into our work and is found within every partnership we have, providing us with the necessary framework to maintain ongoing success. Throughout our Growth Philosophy series, we will be discussing each of our six values and how they influence us throughout our efforts. Be sure to check out the first blog in this series.  

Our fourth value, Drive, puts our digital marketing solutions to work. After we Discover, Design, & Develop the best multi-channel marketing strategy, Markentum is ready to launch. The Drive stage of our Growth Philosophy puts our plan into action. 

Why is this important? 🔍

We put our money where our mouth is and deliver on the promised services. As experts in marketing and a senior living-focused agency, we’ve got the track record to prove that we know how to Drive. 

Drive means live! After careful consideration and planning, listening and learning, we turn the key and push the gas and take off! As a company founded in Daytona Beach, Florida, the birthplace of speed, we know that driving to win takes speed and smarts. We are not reckless in our approach to the fast lane. Each turn, or quarter, means we communicate and keep our minds sharp to see ahead and Drive successfully! 

Each and every digital marketing channel takes an expert driver, which is why our Markentum team works together on website maintenance, SEO, social media, digital advertising, graphic design, content development, and all aspects of a current marketing strategy! 

When it comes to driving our partners’ content efforts, our Content Writers shared theirlauren-kaudelka (1) insight. Lauren describes it as:

“Drive is when we finally pull the curtain up and put all that planning into action! The Drive stage truly brings momentum to our marketing and gives us tangible creations for our partners. Content is a crucial aspect of the Drive phase as it provides valuable information in the form of blogs, website copy, and social media—guiding consumers through the marketing funnel to create real leads and results for our partners.”

rachelle-ransom (1)And Rachelle added:

“Drive is the stage where we gain traction. In the Content Department, driving our growth philosophy means writing high-quality copy, whether for blogs or social media, that encompasses our partner’s voice and caters to their brand. By incorporating keywords and other SEO practices into our writing, we are able to get valuable content in front of the people who are looking for it.”

As a Social Media Coordinator, Jesica shares this insight: jesica-whittaker (1)

“Drive is where we bring our ideas and collaborations to fruition. The Social team “drives” our growth philosophy by responding to partners' social requests, engaging in social listening, keeping up with notifications, and helping to manage business reviews. The drive phase is essential in ensuring partners' social media is relevant, engaging, and driving potential residents to their communities.”

Ultimately, our goal is to Drive growth for our partners in the world of digital marketing. We encourage each other to be innovative and creative toward successful outcomes. We learn from crashes and failures, and we keep going. We recognize that sometimes things need to change, and sometimes the tried-and-true method is still the best way forward. We believe that the key to our Drive value is to approach our work with enthusiasm and dedication. 

If you are interested in how we can Drive growth for you, connect with us! We are excited to help you get to your destination.


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