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Your Story Matters: How Storytelling Drives Digital Marketing

Posted by Jim Blanks on Mar 1, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Jim Blanks
| 4 minute read

How Storytelling Drives Digital Marketing

As new trends continue to emerge in the world of digital marketing, one thing remains the same: Great storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with a wide audience, foster fierce brand loyalty, and generate greater revenue.

We are hardwired to respond to stories – they are part of everything we do. Whether we are watching the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix or listening to our parents recall adventures from their childhood, we use stories to communicate information, entertain, and inspire.

At Markentum, we take pride in helping our senior living community partners tell their unique brand stories. By committing to telling great stories, you can build your business and reach a new audience.

Using Data to Tell a Story

Today, we have access to more information than we ever have before. Collecting and recording data is easy thanks to online software and automation tools. However, all this information online is valuable if interpreted.

Gathering and analyzing data can help your business in several important ways:

  • Gain insights into your sales funnel
  • Identify emerging trends within your company
  • Explore areas for improvement
  • React swiftly to unexpected changes
  • Proactively drive change initiatives in your company and industry

By using your data to tell the story of where you have been, you can also more accurately forecast the year and take calculated risks when needed.

Customer-Led Storytelling

Want to know a simple yet effective way to tell an authentic story about your business?

Empower your residents to tell their own.

Customer-led storytelling is one of the most impactful emerging trends in digital marketing today and with good reason. Audiences rely on the company for valuable, actionable information – but they rely on other customers to understand the true brand experience.

For companies who capitalize on this, it can dramatically reshape the way your company is perceived by your staff, your residents and their families, and the larger community. And the best part is, resident stories do not have to contain the polish of a fully produced branded article or digital asset.

Moving into a senior living community is something that many families experience. Connecting current families to prospective ones through the power of story is a great way to promote the benefits of your community and help ease the transition period for new residents.

Storytelling GIF

Video Storytelling

Although there remains tremendous value in written content, one of the hottest digital marketing trends in 2022 is video content. As we shared in a recent blog, people learn best by seeing, hearing, and doing – and video storytelling connects all three.

There are many ways to leverage video content to tell incredible stories. Whether you create professionally produced corporate videos or short-form content for social media, video is fast, versatile, and easy to convey your most important message in seconds.

Omni-Channel Communication

One of the best ways storytelling can help grow your brand is through repetition. Telling your brand story across multiple channels builds trust and authority, making it easier for prospective clients to approach you for help, resources, or to join one of your communities.

There are multiple marketing channels these days, so don’t feel confined to strictly website content and email. Using social media, text, and personalized direct mail gives you many more opportunities to reach out and connect. 

Use Compelling Headlines

Think of the last time you scrolled a news site for the latest stories. The articles with the best click-through rates are almost always the ones with compelling headlines.

If you want people to learn your brand story, you need a way to capture their attention. Captivating headlines can achieve that goal for you, and marketing guru Neil Patel has helpful hints to make your headlines shine.

Of course, writing a great headline is only one piece of the puzzle. Without high-quality content, your headline delivers a false promise. So, be sure that the content that you produce – and the stories you tell – are valuable to your audience.

Connect with Professionals

Even if you have a compelling story to tell, sometimes it can be difficult to articulate your vision to others. At Markentum, we are here to help you tell your best story.

With a team of experts in content, marketing, social media, and graphic design, we proudly work alongside our senior living partners to tell great stories all year long.

To learn more about digital marketing trends and best practices, and to discover how we can help you tell your brand story, schedule your free evaluation today.


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