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Markentum's Thoughts: Internships with a Purpose

Posted by Emily Miller on Apr 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Emily Miller
| 2 minute read

Internship Program_Markentum

Internships have a bad rep. Interns are thought of as the coffee-getters, the paper-staplers, and the corporate slaves to their superior. As a college senior and young professional, I was intimidated by these labels simply because I wanted to have a purpose wherever I decided to work.

Emily Miller_MarkentumAt Markentum, I not only had a purpose, but was able to build and achieve goals, learn about myself as a professional, build relationships with extremely helpful mentors, and walk away with an extended knowledge of the marketing world. 

I worked in the Inbound Marketing department under Loreal Hiscock, the Inbound Marketing Manager. From the first day, she gave me the necessary training and tools to succeed and flourish. Even after a few mistakes, she trusted me to take on projects that a real professional would. Furthermore, I was never a ‘paper-stapler.’ Loreal, as well as the rest of the Markentum team, was readily available to answer any and all questions that I had and encouraged that I continued to ask questions. This fostered an unmatchable learning environment and I now feel comfortable in, not only, inbound marketing, but social media and content creation. 

Chris Mohrman, President of Markentum, has built a collaborative culture that thrives on teamwork, communication, and hard work. He ensures that every person in the office is heard and is pliable in order to maintain the culture he has built. After-hours meetups happen monthly to discuss individual and company progress, and lunch in the office for Employee Appreciation Day are just a few of the things Markentum does to stay in touch with their employees in a more enticing way! 


The projects and work I was given at Markentum were the product of the effective training and education that my mentors provided me with. And honestly, I truly loved the work I did! That being said, the work is not what made this internship so special. Every single person cares about your growth and your aspirations and will do anything and everything to help you get there. They want to see you succeed as an individual because ultimately, happy employees tend to do a really great job because they love where they work (like me). At no point in my internship did I feel like the stereotypical intern. In fact, I believe that Markentum has defeated that stigma completely.

I loved my time as an intern at Markentum, which will make saying goodbye that much more difficult. I appreciate every person here and for all of the friendships I have made with my awesome co-workers. Everyone should be a part of a company this awesome! 


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