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Kaleb Lee | Our Founder, Our Rockstar!

Posted by Markentum Team on Mar 14, 2018 8:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

Kaleb LeeKaleb Lee made the hard decision a decade ago to leave his dream of writing and recording music. He left Nashville with his family and landed in Ormond Beach, FL becoming the marketing director for Silversphere. Silversphere works in the senior housing industry providing ‘superhero’ technology solutions, such as Emergency Call Systems, system reporting, support training, and staff management tools.

After a few years, he realized that the marketing industry had missed a vast area that needed expertise. Senior living needed a marketing partner that could cater to the specific needs of the industry and Kaleb started his journey in creating Markentum, marketing with momentum, under the umbrella of Silversphere. Markentum takes an inbound marketing approach to get our senior living partners more leads through targeted, timely, and relevant communications. From branding, web development, call tracking, integrated marketing, and social media management, Markentum wants to take our senior living brand and communities to the next level. 

Kaleb Lee’s love for music didn’t leave him that day he left Nashville, and he always found ways to keep music in his life. Working in the senior living world brings happy and sad times as aging is a tough pill to swallow for many.

Kaleb began writing songs that would speak to those who were walking alongside an aging parent, loved one, or friend. Aging with grace, aging with purpose, and aging with support is important and Kaleb knew that he could give back with his musical talent. Seniors, their loved ones, caregivers, and those working in the industry have had, or will have a tough day and Kaleb hopes one of his songs can help someone overcome that struggle.


The Silversphere Making Music project reminds us all that our purpose is to not just age, but to live, and live in dialogue together,” said Kaleb. The culture present at Silversphere and Markentum thinks outside the box. A technology and marketing company bringing music to our senior living partners, caregivers, and families is far from the norm, but with Kaleb’s passion, we made it happen. 


“Music connects with people, and I never thought that I would completely give it up, but I also never thought I would get an opportunity to take it to a big stage,” said Kaleb earlier this month. Kaleb premiered on the season 14 premiere of The Voice with a two-chair turn. Kaleb Lee, with the help of his children, picked Team Blake. 

He was fortunate to have a loving work family that pushed him to take the steps in pursuing music again. Since taking that step, he is now back in the spotlight, on an even bigger stage with his work family as his biggest fans.

On the show Blake said, “it’s so gravelly and a little bit bluesy-sounding” that “Texas red dirt type country music” and we, at Markentum, that work the closest with Kaleb, know that Kaleb can sing anything. From singing as the worship pastor in Owensboro, KY, to different venues in Daytona Beach, as well as the entertainment for our yearly Accelerate Daytona Race Week events, we have heard him sing it all. He sings with passion, charisma, and soul.

We are extremely proud of our Founder and friend. His wife, Meagan, and three children, Graelynn, Lilly, and Johander are too very proud of him. Music has been a big part of their family life, as well as cowboy boots. We invite you to join Kaleb Lee’s adventure by tuning into this season of The Voice with us.

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