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Markentum’s Thoughts: Growth in 2020

Posted by Tom Hurlburt on Dec 27, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Tom Hurlburt
| 3 minute read

Markentum Growth in 2020

While our digital marketing team has decades of combined knowledge and experience, Markentum, as an agency, is still new and growing. This past year we doubled our marketing team, and I was brought on as the new CEO to help continue to improve services and expand Markentum’s reach in the senior living industry.

As someone new to Markentum and the marketing world, I want to reflect on our team and their passions, the year we had, and where I see Markentum heading in 2020.

Working with a Young, Dynamic Team

Millennials get a bad rap. If I’m being honest, I was a little worried about the challenges of managing such a young group of individuals. On the opposite end, the senior living industry has a reputation for being boring or dull. 

It was amazing to me to understand our team’s “why” and their passion for working in the senior living industry. It wasn’t because it was the best paying gig in town, or we had a cool office; it was because they could get excited about serving seniors, and working with a purpose-driven company. There have been countless hours spent after work and on weekends serving the senior population, as well as other needs in the community in which they live.

Markentum is always striving to give back, especially when those efforts impact the generation in which we serve. As the leader of a company, it’s exciting to see the team not only participate, but look for additional ways to show support and raise money for local organizations.

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Staying Senior Living Focused

One challenge of leading a marketing company is staying focused on your specific niche. With all the possibilities for marketing and industries in need, it would be easy to start down a new path chasing other opportunities, especially when they come knocking. 

Recently, I was in a meeting with about 12 other CEOs and while we were discussing marketing, it became apparent that everyone in the room had a bad experience in one way or the other with a marketing agency or services. What came out at the end was that a lack of knowledge of an industry can cause many frustrations. Markentum does not market for car dealerships, hospitals, breweries, etc. Our love and passion are in senior living, and it is an industry we understand and speak the same language as.

Reviewing 2019

As the new CEO coming from a senior living technology company, this has been a year full of learning new terminology, concepts, and how to convince my staff that skinny jeans are not the right move for me. Having led other companies in different industries, it’s always exciting to dive under the hood to see what makes each company tick.

Markentum has been very successful at building and retaining owners and operators of senior living communities, and it has grown over 100% year over year for the past three years. Now, having experts leading the various departments, we are set to go to the next level.  

2020, Get Ready!

One thing about running a digital agency is if you don’t like constant change and learning new concepts, do something else. This industry is very fast-paced, and technology is changing every minute. Having a team that are experts in all the different areas is a must. From the changing world of paid advertising to shifts in Google’s search algorithm, it’s imperative to have your head on a swivel. As we continue to grow and serve new and current partners, we are ensuring we are only bringing the best and brightest to join our Markentum team.

Just like the digital marketing landscape is always changing, so is the way people work. There has been a 159% increase in employees working remotely over the last twelve years. As the leader of Markentum, I see the value of finding good employees and retaining good employees, even if they aren’t located in the same zip code as our Markentum office. Change in 2020 comes with opening another office in Colorado and managing remote employees throughout the U.S.

I am excited about what is in store for 2020, and the future of Markentum.

If you are looking to add momentum to your marketing strategy this new year, or if you are looking to start a career in marketing with meaning and purpose, contact our Markentum team!


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