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Markentum Monday: August 17, 2020

Posted by Markentum Team on Aug 17, 2020 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
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Markentum Monday allows our team to share what tools we're using, what quote is inspiring us, and more! 🌱Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist, 'Music with Momentum 2020' -- with new songs added every week -- to hear what we're listening to and loving! 


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triangleThe Speed Cubers | Netflix

This documentary is based on the lives of speedcubing champions Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs. I found this new exploration into the world of Rubik's cube masters fascinating due to the focus on the mental complexity involved and how quickly some people are able to store and execute such a vast array of knowledge on a level that has essentially become mental and physical muscle memory.

As this special states, it takes most people around 3 hours to complete a Rubik's cube; however, these individuals do it sometimes in less than 7 seconds. This to me is truly a testament of not only the importance of continually doing things to keep the mind active, but also a demonstration of what it is capable of if you do.

- Daryl Wyckoff, Director of Partner Success



triangleMomentum | Chrome Extension

This chrome extension saves as your home webpage when you open a new window or tab. It includes the time, weather and an inspirational quote for the day. It also allows you to keep a running task list and identify your primary goal(s) for the day. It is a great way to set your plan for the day and be reminded about it throughout the day each time you open a new tab/window.

-  Stephanie Holland, Director of Social Strategy


Momentum-Chrome Extension


triangleOil & Vinegar Daytona Beach | Daytona Beach, FL

A brand new, innovative, and interactive gourmet specialty store full of exclusive, private-labeled products made from the highest quality ingredients. So excited to have one right here in Daytona Beach! They offer so many unique ingredients and products. Easy to shop for yourself or for someone else (hint hint, the holidays are coming!).

-  Hollee Kennedy, Account Executive

🛍 🎁

Oil & Vinegar Daytona Beach


triangleThis Week's Quote

This quote is powerful because it is so applicable to what we do. Today's consumers don't want to be
"sold to" - they want to build a connection with a brand that shares the same values and beliefs as them.

Dr. Maya Angelou


triangleMusic with Momentum 2020 🎧





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