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Markentum Monday: September 28, 2020

Posted by Markentum Team on Sep 28, 2020 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
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Markentum Monday allows our team to share what we're participating in, what apps we're excited to download, and more! 🌱Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist, 'Music with Momentum 2020' -- with new songs added every week -- to hear what we're listening to and loving! 


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triangleWorld Alzheimer's Month

Did you know that dementia affects 50 million people worldwide, with a new case of dementia occurring somewhere in the world every three seconds? Every Thursday during the month of September our team has worn purple to raise awareness and show our support for the fight to end Alzheimer's!


Team Markentum


triangleWidgetsmith App

The trend of adding widgets to iPhones has been behind other phones, but finally with the new iOS 14 update, the trend of downloading Widgetsmith is on the rise! The ability to customize your phone to meet your productivity is something I am very excited to be implementing on both my personal and work phones!

-  Lexie Robles, Growth Strategist


Widgetsmith Screenshots
Photo: uncrate.com


triangleThe Social Dilemma | Netflix

A Netflix documentary that highlights the effect of social media on our minds. It goes over the psychology behind how social media was designed to get us hooked, market to us, and who social media was actually designed to benefit. It also includes interviews from people in the tech industry, including a few that designed the algorithms used in social media apps today.

While we believe in the power of social media for marketing, we know the impact it can have on personal and mental wellness. "This was an interesting watch because I have been trying to cut back on my social media usage."

- Katrina Gagnon, Marketing Automation Manager

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triangleJon Loomer | Twitter-Logo-1 @jonloomer

Jon is an advanced Facebook marketing expert and is always on top of the latest insights. This week he shared the exciting news that we no longer seem to have to worry about having too much text in ad images (hurray!). He also has some great tutorials, quizzes, and resources that provide education without putting you to sleep.

- Stephanie Holland, Director of Social Strategy


Jon Loomer-Tweet


triangleMusic with Momentum 2020 🎧






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