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Markentum Monday: June 14, 2021

Posted by Markentum Team on Jun 14, 2021 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
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Markentum Monday allows our team to share how we're kicking off our summers, what tools we use to stay organized, and more! 🌱Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist, '2021: Music with Momentum' -- with new songs added every week -- to hear what we're listening to and loving! 


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triangleAdirondack Extreme Adventure Course

Established in 2007, Adirondack Extreme was the first aerial adventure course to open in the United States. High-altitude courses equipped with zip lines, rope swings, nets, and more! Super challenging and super beautiful as you complete the courses in the Adirondack forest - a great way to kick off summer in New York! 

- Loreal Hiscock, Content Marketing Manager


Photo: @adirondackextreme


triangleA Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Our Content Writer, Lauren, recommended this book after our Markentum book club read Anxious People by this same author. A Man Called Ove is about a somewhat grumpy man who is used to his own solitary daily routines and structure. When a family moves in next door to him with two young daughters, the story unfolds in a heartwarming, unexpected way.

There's quite a bit that you discover throughout the book and by the end, well, this is one you should definitely read. It was such a great book!

- Stephanie Holland, Director of Social Strategy


Photo: sallyflint.com


triangleGoogle Keep

An online to-do list app that allows you to easily add notes, set importance, and add checklists. It's great to have since I'm on my computer most of the time, I can easily set a to-do list for the next day and cross off tasks as soon as I finished them.

- Krizzel Aldama, Junior Web Developer




triangleThis Week's Quote

 At Markentum, we work hard and always keep our “why” in mind - letting our results speak for themselves.


Frank Ocean Quote


triangle2021: Music with Momentum 🎧





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