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Markentum Monday: August 19, 2019

Posted by Markentum Team on Aug 19, 2019 8:30:00 AM | 4 minute read

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Markentum Monday allows our team to share what we're watching, what new places we're visiting, and more! 🌱Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist, 'Music with Momentum 2019' -- with new songs added every week -- to hear what we're listening to and loving! 




triangleGirl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

New York's Best Selling Author Rachel Hollis is sharing a new light on women's dreams. She shares how owning up to her dreams, powers, mistakes, and excuses changed her life. Going from childhood insecurities and how they held her back in her adulthood.

If you are needing inspiration and empowerment, look no further!

📖 📖 📖

Rachel Hollis Book
Photo: thehollisco.com


triangleThis Week's Quote

Mark Twain made this comment to emphasize the importance of self reflection. Many times, it can be easy to get swept up into a majority because everyone wants to fit in or avoid conflict. Sometimes, taking a different path or disagreeing with the status quo can prove to be fruitful. Many of the world's leaders did not simply follow in another's footsteps, but blazed their own trail of historical contributions in a way they see fit.

Any time that you believe you're doing something just because it's easy or common doesn't mean you're always doing the right thing.


Mark Twain Quote_Markentum




triangleLong Shot | Amazon Prime

Great romantic comedy with Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan that was both funny and smart from start to finish. Both characters are faced with important identity defining situations and how they handle themselves is hilarious and inspiring.

The biggest takeaway was a reminder to not give up on the things that got us to where we are and also maintain an open mindset once we get to where we think we want to be.



triangleHannah Che | Instagram Icon: @hannah__chia

A vegan food blogger who mainly focuses on asian cuisine but has featured other foods, and desserts. It can be surprisingly difficult to find asian food that is vegan/vegetarian and so this provide some great options!


Hannah Che Instagram
Photo: @hannah_chia


triangleMusic with Momentum 🎧






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