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Markentum Monday: March 2022

Posted by Markentum Team on Mar 7, 2022 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
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Once a month, Markentum Monday highlights what documentaries we're watching, what events we're attending, and more! 🌱If you're looking for musical motivation, make sure to follow our Spotify playlist, 2022: Music with Momentum!


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triangleAmerican Advertising Awards | Daytona Beach, FL

The American Advertising Awards is an annual, nationwide competition with nearly 35,000 professional and student entries. The mission of the awards is to recognize and reward the spirit of creative excellence in advertising.

In the past, Markentum has won several gold and silver awards and we love attending the Daytona Beach chapter's annual AAF American Advertising Federation Awards every year!

- Hollee Kennedy, Account Strategist

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triangleTaking Time to Decompress

In theory, this seems simple, but taking 10-15 minutes each day to sit in the sun or go for a walk is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Taking a moment to clear your mind and enjoy the simple pleasures life affords is vital for well-being.

Whether it's over lunch or at the end of the day, I couldn't recommend it more!

- Donovan Morrison, Growth Strategist


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triangleThe Tinder Swindler | Netflix

This documentary follows the story of women who were conned out of thousands of dollars by a man they met on Tinder posing as a billionaire's son.

Obviously, we all know the impact that the internet has had on society. It offers so much knowledge, opportunities, shopping, and more, but this story is a scary reminder that the internet can be used in dangerous ways!

- Loreal Hiscock, Content Marketing Manager

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triangleThis Week's Quote

Creativity is the oxygen in marketing. It is important in all aspects from how we understand and collaborate to coming up with memorable solutions which will build our client's brands.


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triangle2022: Music with Momentum 🎧




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