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Markentum Monday: November 2022

Posted by Markentum Team on Nov 7, 2022 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
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November 2022_Markentum Monday Refresh Thanksgiving

Once a month, Markentum Monday highlights what activities we're doing to reduce stress, what accounts we're following on TikTok, and more! 🌱If you're looking for musical motivation, follow our Spotify playlist, 2022: Music with Momentum!


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triangleSewing to Promote Stress Management

I picked up this hobby during quarantine in 2020 when I moved to my hometown for a few months and spent a lot of time with my mom and grandmother, who both enjoy sewing. Since then, I haven't done much with it, but I recently won an eBay lot that contained a bunch of vintage clothing patterns from the 70s, and have been re-teaching myself how to sew and make really cool outfits!

It's been an awesome way to decompress and get creative in my free time, and it's really helped me to clear my mind to focus on one project at a time.

- Nicole Kitchens, Communications Specialist

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Sewing for me is a lifestyle-GIF


triangleStart with Why by Simon Sinek

I have previously listened to Simon's TED Talk as well as multiple podcasts and thought it'd be fun to read some of his work. He's a great leader with amazing insight.

- Dillon Suhr, Sr. Graphic Designer


Photo: roryflynch.medium.com


triangle@grandmagreat on TikTok 

This beloved TikTok senior posts videos for all of the fans she refers to as her “beautiful friends” with encouraging messages about love, kindness, positivity, and believing in yourself. Sometimes her husband makes an appearance as well, which usually makes for some heartwarming fun.

- Jordan Remington, Account Strategist




triangle Earls of Leicester Performance| Knoxville, Tennessee

Last month, I went to a Bluegrass concert at the Bijou Theater in downtown Knoxville. The Earls of Leicester is a GRAMMY award-winning tribute band aimed at presenting Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs music to a contemporary audience.

Bluegrass isn't my typical genre of music but it was fun to learn more about a piece of music history that is important to the area!

- Katrina Burns, Marketing Automation Manager

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triangle2022: Music with Momentum 🎧


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