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Markentum Monday: September 2022

Posted by Markentum Team on Sep 5, 2022 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
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Once a month, Markentum Monday highlights what podcasts we're listening to, what apps we're using, and more! 🌱If you're looking for musical motivation, follow our Spotify playlist, 2022: Music with Momentum!


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triangleB. Dylan Hollis | TikTok Icon @bdylanhollis

This quirky baker finds old recipes from the 30s-70s and recreates them to see what kinds of foods were popular. And how the time period influenced the ingredients they used. The recipes range from unique to bizarre with varying degrees of effectiveness. These videos are hilarious and lighthearted and are perfect to relax after a long day.

- Katrina Gagnon, Marketing Automation Manager

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triangleQuestlove Supreme | Podcast

A really fun weekly podcast of interviews with musicians, actors, comedians, etc. (Pretty much everyone from Eric Andre to Jack White to Michelle Obama). Each episode dives deep into the person's origins, success stories, and fun facts that you might not know.

- Nicole Kitchens, Communications Specialist

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Questlove Supreme Podcast


triangleThe DailyHoroscope | Apple App Store

You can set this app to send reminders to check your horoscope every morning for the day, week, month, and even year. Although I don't fully contribute what happens on a daily basis in life to my horoscope, it's a nice outlook on what is happening or what to look forward to what is coming.

- Jordan Remington, Account Strategist


Photo: apps.apple.com


triangle Shuswap Lake | British Columbia, Canada

I was fortunate enough to rent a houseboat with some friends and cruise around Shuswap Lake, and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! Being on a beautiful lake for five straight days gave me so much relaxation and allowed me to be connected with nature.

- Krizzel Aldama, Junior Web Developer

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Shuswap Lake-BC, Canada
Photo: britishcolumbia.com


triangle2022: Music with Momentum 🎧




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