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Markentum's Thoughts: Our Marketing Momentum for 2021

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Jan 5, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chris Mohrman
| 6 minute read

Markentums Thoughts-Our Marketing Momentum for 2021

Welcome to 2021! The year that felt like it took ten years to get to! After all the ups and downs we experienced in 2020, we're ready to take new and courageous steps into a new year. As we step forward this year, we are confident that we will continue to gain momentum with what is truly important and valuable to our partners and us.

As Markentum's fourth year as a digital marketing agency focused on senior living kicks off, I want to share four ways that we are advancing our marketing momentum in 2021. 

Markentum's Growth Philosophy 🌱

Our growth philosophy is the fundamental methodology that we follow to grow marketing momentum for our partners. Our motto, "Let's grow together!" is focused on the tenets of our growth philosophy and is the core vision that we see as the guiding light in working with anyone. Our growth philosophy has six transformative components. 


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

Each time we engage in a partnership with a senior living company, or someone in the aging services industry, we recognize that we are not dealing with a new landscape. Instead, we are challenged to look with fresh eyes at what is unique about what is being offered and accomplished. To discover means being willing to dig a little deeper, ask more questions, wonder about the why and the how, turn something over and look from a different perspective.

To us, the discovery phase of our growth philosophy means revisiting the spark that got the passion going in the first place. To reach the intended audience, we have to discover the meaningful message that will resonate with them.


Next, we enter into the design phase. This is where the creative light, having been focused, can shine bright with purpose. Here we craft a custom marketing solution based on the mix of services that Markentum is providing. Our design is infused with intent to accomplish the desired goals of reaching the intended audience and inviting them to engage. 


This stage of growth takes our design and brings it to life. We develop all of the various aspects of an omnichannel strategy; we take time to ensure excellence. From website to social media, each channel must follow the intended design and function according to our integrated plan. Our team develops with the mindset that we will be using each aspect to achieve predetermined goals and must be functional and aesthetically engaging. 


When we drive, we are moving! The omnichannel strategy is happening, and we want to see everything performing the way we envisioned. At Markentum, we don't create museum pieces; we create a marketing plan intended for action. In the drive phase of our growth philosophy, we are laying on the gas and pushing forward! 


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are necessary to measure the performance of our digital marketing efforts. With so many measurement tools available, Markentum and our partners set up custom KPIs to clarify the sea of data.

By evaluating and reporting on the important data, we get a clear picture into which efforts are having the most and least success generating leads and revenue. 


Through ongoing communication with our partners regarding all of the different stages of our growth philosophy, we can make effective decisions about next steps. What are the new trends? What do we need to change? Marketing is continually evolving, and we believe there is no "set it and forget it solution" that will work.

As new generations engage in senior living, new and emerging solutions must be discussed and decided on. Is your senior living company ready to build a presence on TikTok, and how you can empower brand ambassadors in your communities? As a team of digital marketing experts, Markentum is ready to help navigate the omnichannel world. 

Each stage of our growth philosophy flows into the next and builds and repeats to ensure that our marketing efforts grow and drive success! 

The Mentor's Voice 🎙

The Mentor's Voice is a new podcast that Markentum is proud to be supporting in partnership with LeadingAge! The Mentor's Voice's mission is to give students and young professionals interested in senior services an opportunity to interview and learn from mentors in the field of aging.

As a company focused on the senior services industry, we are excited to be involved in connecting different generations and expanding the passion that we have for our work to new and upcoming professionals. With various student interviewers and mentors, we encourage you to listen to The Mentor's Voice! Markentum is excited to help advance knowledge about the field of aging. 

The Mentors Voice

Fight to End ALZ 2021 💜

From The Longest Day to the Walk to End ALZ, Markentum continues our efforts this year to help fight to end Alzheimer's and other dementia-related diseases. As a company, we are committed to being involved and give back. Our team has felt the impact of these diseases in our families, and we want to be a part of the solution. Through our partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, we are energized to bring further understanding to people of all ages to see more positive change happen! 


American Advertising Federation 🤝

With so many changes happening so fast in the world of marketing, we believe that our agency needs to be a part of the bigger conversation. AAF is one of those places that allows us to see what other creative marketing and advertising professionals are imagining and doing. This organization also provides us with the opportunity to advocate for our industry and ensure that our future is not hindered by unnecessary restrictions. Our team is serving in various roles for both the Colorado Springs and Daytona Beach Adfed chapters. We continue to champion the ongoing work of marketing and advertising! 

We are hopeful for what 2021 has to offer! We are also looking forward to how we can connect and develop more meaningful partnerships this year. Be sure to follow our social media this year to gain more insight into marketing, the field of aging, and the world of Markentum.

If you are looking for help with growing your company's marketing momentum, we would love to talk with you today


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