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Markentum’s Thoughts: Marketing + Momentum Pt. 1

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Dec 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Chris Mohrman
| 3 minute read

Growth_MarkentumFounded on the idea that great partnerships will grow the momentum of the efforts of everyone involved, our team at Markentum continues to provide leading marketing performance for those creating exceptional, senior community experiences. 

We have truly had a monumental year of growing the marketing momentum (Markentum!) of our partners, resulting in our own growth as well. We have gone from being the vision of our founder, Kaleb Lee, as a part of the Silversphere community (talk about industry leaders!) to an agency passionate about working with our partners to provide innovative, senior-focused marketing solutions.

As the new president of Markentum, I believe that strategic insight is vital to how we describe our “grow marketing momentum” initiative. For us, strategic insight is looking into the past, present, and future to determine what we can learn, how we can grow and why developing meaningful goals is ongoing.

As 2019 approaches, I would like to provide four strategic insights into understanding marketing momentum. (NOTE: Four is my favorite number. Four chambers of the heart, four seasons, four points of the compass, you get the idea!)

#1 - CORE 🥑

triangle“Connect to your core and you’ll find strength. Act from your core and you’ll move mountains.”
– Gabriella Goddard

Whether you call it a seed, a spark, or a flash of inspiration, all great work starts with something important and valuable at the core. Consider the core of fruit itself - say an avocado. While we certainly enjoy the super nutritious benefits of the slices of avocado, within the often-overlooked core is the raw material needed to replicate and continue the life of what is taking place. To know your core is to know yourself, what you are capable of and the vision to get to the desired future.

While looking forward is exciting, being authentic means having the courage to look inside yourself and see what the most important ideas are that cultivated the momentum you may be experiencing now. What was the thing that motivated you to take action? What gave you the courage to join the conversation? The further you move forward with your vision, the more important it becomes to stay connected to your core. Growing your marketing momentum means being sure to stay true to what got that momentum going in the first place. 

🔬Fun Science Fact: Momentum is a physics term that can be defined as “mass in motion.” Translated - if your core is the idea that got you started, your marketing momentum is how well your idea is growing and on the move!

#2 - GROW 🌱

Growth is exciting!  Your ideas are in motion and things are happening. As I reflect on this past year and look forward into the future, a couple of important growth ideas stand out.

Momentum is contagious and people gather around to see what’s going on. FOMO, or fear of missing out, is real. People love to share in the energy of winning ideas. Cheerleaders and champions are helpful, but make sure your focus isn't shifted by people that are excited about what you are doing and have a lot of opinions to share.

This past year, Markentum had to make the decision to stay true to the direction of our core momentum. Our focus has been and continues to be, senior care and senior living communities.

Time for another analogy! Karate Kid has always been a favorite movie of mine. As I think about the iconic film, one of the things that stands out to me is Mr. Miyagi’s meticulous care for his bonsai tree. In order for the growth to happen in the way that he desires, his vision for the tree, he carefully removes the parts of the tree that are NOT in alignment with his vision. Marketing momentum is best when there is a clear focus regarding vision!

Karate Kid-Bonsai Tree_Markentum

Think about it this way...

Weird Flex But OK GIF_MarkentumHave you ever encountered the person trying to launch a bunch of different ideas all at once? They seem to think that every idea needs to be acted on immediately. It almost feels like they are showing off all that they are capable of (which sounds a lot like “weird flex but OK” to me).

While I am a firm believer in the entrepreneurship mentality, the best ideas are the focused ones that aren’t scattered all over the place and trying to accomplish everything at once. Find your specialty; the unique attributes that make you, you and develop those things.

Stay connected with Markentum on social media and stay tuned for Part 2! If you’re interested in growing your marketing momentum, contact us to start the conversation!


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