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Markentum’s Recommended Photo Editing Apps

Posted by Lexus Bailey on Apr 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Lexus Bailey
| 5 minute read


Take a moment to imagine with me...

Excitedly you slide open that sleek white box. You peel back the plastic cover to reveal what you’ve been looking forward to for the last six months. It’s the newest iPhone with the best camera yet. You quickly rush through setup tapping every “skip” button you can find. Finally, you’ve arrived! With a swift click the camera app opens, you snap your dog in the cutest pose you’ve ever seen. But wait... why is the picture so dark? The colors look dull? You didn’t even realize that the leftover bag of Cheetos and dirty laundry were not only on the floor but now in your picture!

Yes, some elements of this story are exaggerated and embellished, but can you relate? I know I can. Picture perfect moments happen all around us, and as a Graphic Designer, I understand how disheartening it can be when your “vision” doesn’t quite come together.

Here at Markentum, we understand that as a senior living community, you want the best representation of your residents, your brand, and the community as a whole. Candid resident photos are a wonderful way to do just that!

However, perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation as the story above. Unfortunately, professional photography services aren’t always around when those unexpected picture-perfect moments happen. That’s why Markentum has put together a list of four phenomenal photo editing apps to help improve iPhone photos and create the best representation for your senior living community. 



Snapseed is a free photo editor app that allows for a wonderful start on overall editing. It has a user-friendly model with a wide range of editing tools. Adjustments to your brightness, ambiance, contrast, and saturation, to name a few. Cropping and perspective tools are also available.

With an app that almost does it all, it’s truly a great fit if you’re looking for a one and done solution. When looking at our story above, Snapseed would be a great asset. For example, maybe up the brightness about 15% and up the saturation about 8% to 10%. This should solve the issue of darkness and dullness, allowing your photo to catch the eye and come to life! 





TouchRetouch is a fascinating and useful tool for photo editing! It costs $1.99 in the Apple App Store and is well worth the small price. This acts as a specialized tool that can remove blemishes and unwanted objects from photos. Maybe an unwanted mark on your clothing, a random background bystander, and even power lines can be wiped away with this app.

The model is user friendly, allowing one to use the tool with a tap of the finger. When thinking about our story above, TouchRetouch would be a great tool to remove the unwanted dirty laundry and Cheetos bag. 

🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️



Instasize was created in 2012 as a solution to the old cropping issues that Instagram used to have. They were the first app to introduce the idea of resizing an image by adding borders in order for the full photo to fit on Instagram. Since then, they’ve added many great features, making it a multifunctional editing platform for anyone looking to edit photos/videos.

They have a free version that includes filters, color editing, and video editing tools, but for $4.99/month you get 100+ filters, 80+ unique photo/video borders, beauty tools to enhance photos, and access to tutorials and tips for social influencers so you can step up your photography game!


Enlight Photofox: Digital art

Enlight Photofox is a “creative editing app” that allows for more control in the design, filter, and graphic design elements of editing. Running at $3.99 in the Apple App store, this app provides personalization through brushes, design elements, text borders, and frames. The possibilities seem endless with the creative abilities this app provides.

The masking tool is one of the most useful, with the ability to create a black and white image with a pop of color. In reference to our story above, a cute heart vector or beautiful lettering could be a great addition to your furry friend!


Photo Editing GIFEach of these photo editing apps bring a unique element to your iPhone photography. Photos can easily be prepped for social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. The functionality of these tools are not limited to personal social media, but your business pages could benefit as well! In application with senior living communities, the candid photos of residents can be enhanced and improved upon with the help of these apps. Darker indoor images can be brightened, glasses and unwanted items can be removed, and creative elements can bring your message to life. That picture-perfect moment is not only captured but now beautifully translated with simple edits.

Stock images are a wonderful tool, but Markentum understands how meaningful a photo of your resident can be. If photography services are unavailable, you can rest assured that residents are being given the best representation for your community

Markentum offers photography and videography services to highlight the residents, employees, and elements that make our partner's communities beautiful and unique. Contact us for a free evaluation!


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