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Take Advantage of Senior Living Website Development Services in 2022

Posted by Loreal Hiscock on Jan 11, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Loreal Hiscock
| 3 minute read

Senior Living Website Development-New Site in 2022

Digital marketing is an evolving industry. Platforms, trends, algorithms, and software change year after year, which means that your digital marketing efforts and strategies need to evolve, including your website.

Most marketing experts agree that a brand should update its website every two to three years. However, some argue this could be extended to five years if the website is still performing well and generating results.

If it’s been more than five years since you gave your website a refresh, it should be something you budget for in 2022. Why? Because your website is at the center of your marketing strategy. As your community and brand grow and shift, so should your website. As a marketing agency specializing in senior living website development, Markentum is highlighting why the new year is the perfect time for a new website.

Attract More Visitors 

The goal of any website is to attract visitors but simply having a website isn’t enough. If you aren’t regularly updating your website’s performance, the likelihood of it being found organically by users decreases. One of Google’s most recent algorithm updates, Core Web Vitals, focuses on website performance metrics to determine how a website will rank in search results. If your current website isn’t built to take this into account, it is likely underperforming in those metrics and decreasing your website search engine visibility.

Improve User Experience

Beyond determining how a website is ranked for specific search queries, Core Web Vitals aim to enhance the user experience. Google states that “as page load time goes from one second to ten seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%.” A new website build allows you the chance to clean up the backend of your site, implement practices that improve speed, and create a better user experience.

A new website build also gives you the opportunity to think mobile. As of October 2021, roughly 50% of website traffic is from mobile devices. Over the last ten years, you can see (below) the increase of mobile traffic as desktop traffic dips down. With so many existing and potential customers visiting your website on their phones, you have to make sure you optimize the mobile experience to create a positive impression for your visitors.


Generate More Conversions

Yes, you want users to visit your website, but more importantly, you want those visitors to take action - fill out a form, request more information, etc. By reviewing and understanding your current website visitors and their behaviors, you can create a website that encourages them to take the next step. For example, this can be done by creating more conversion opportunities (buttons, call-outs, etc.) or removing clutter or elements that take away from the core message of a page. 

Website design is how users judge your brand’s credibility and make decisions about your community. Even minor changes to your website design can lead to an uptick in visitor engagement, retention, and trust.

Set Your Brand Apart 

One survey by Adobe found that 73% of respondents say companies invest in website design to differentiate themselves from their competitors. So, if your competitors are investing in their websites, you should invest in yours. 

A new website isn’t about rebranding or changing your brand’s message; it’s about creating a unique and evolving experience for visitors. The senior housing industry continues to grow, and so does your community. A new website allows you to showcase your growth, amenities, services, and more, showing your visitors and potential customers that your community continues to move forward.

Ready for a New Website in 2022?

Markentum believes in reinventing website design and development for senior living. Your community is a beautiful, lively neighborhood full of unique amenities and features - your website should highlight that and embody your brand. 

We build content for websites that support other digital marketing efforts, such as paid ads and social media marketing. We know that when a business has seconds to make an impression, it’s essential to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts by having consistent messaging and branding across all channels.

If you would like to learn more about our website design and development services or how we can enhance your website, contact us today for a free evaluation – we would love to learn more about your senior living community!


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