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Senior Wellness Programs Are a Marketing Win for Your Community

Posted by Heaven Cassata on May 3, 2022 9:00:00 AM
Heaven Cassata
| 3 minute read

Large group of happy enthusiastic elderly ladies exercising in a gym sitting in chairs doing stretching exercises with rubber bands-Senior wellness programs

Game rooms, libraries, on-site salons, restaurants and dining, arts and crafts studios - the list of amenities for your senior living community can go on and on. But, there’s one amenity that could set your community apart from the rest, and that’s a senior wellness program.

Giving residents access to fitness centers, walking trails, and on-site pool(s) is a step in the right direction. However, combining these amenities with a wellness program is a powerful marketing tool that could score your community some new residents. Not only can it assist your marketing efforts, but it also improves the lives of those who take advantage of it.

Beyond offering fitness amenities, a senior wellness program allows residents to take a proactive approach to their health and well-being. Educational classes, fitness challenges, goals, and support (whether from community staff or other residents) can lead individuals to improved balance and mobility, enhanced self-esteem, and an enhanced quality of life.

According to a case study conducted by the International Council on Active Aging, 43% of independent living and assisted living residents chose the community they are living in due to the wellness program. This percentage was even higher with life plan community residents! 

If the numbers aren’t convincing enough, let’s look at how your senior living wellness program can help your marketing efforts!

Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to motivate others is through social connection, and senior living residents can create new opportunities to connect with others by sharing a common interest. This shared experience can create new friendships, healthy habits, and the chance for everyone to work towards a similar goal. 

Whether your wellness program is centered around making healthier eating choices, finding a new active activity, or just getting outside for more walks through nature, there will be something for everyone! You may even find that some of your residents’ friends outside of the community are looking to learn more about it once they hear about all of the activities, classes, and programs you offer. 

Combined with digital marketing efforts, word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool to back up your campaigns and messaging efforts!

New Testimonials

Your senior living digital marketing efforts can range from the adult child to the potential residents themselves, so it’s vital to have a wide range of testimonials from those who live in the community. 

In fact, 78% of consumers state that positive reviews and testimonials help them trust a business. Testimonials allow older adults and their family members to picture themselves in the community and how it may improve their quality of life. A robust wellness program will draw in those looking to lead more active, healthier lifestyles, and they can share their experiences with others who may be looking to do the same! 

It Can Be Relatively Low-Cost

Your wellness program does not have to take up most of your marketing budget. If your community already has a walking trail or fitness center, you are one step ahead! 

Consider identifying a team of staff members with a passion for health and wellness to champion your program. This allows these staff members to share the responsibilities while gaining more personal fulfillment in their roles. 

You can start simple with an easy walking challenge! The most important thing to remember is that consistency will be the key to success.

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Social Media Loves It

Posting photos of your residents participating in wellness activities will allow their loved ones or potential residents to see how your community is different from the others they may be considering.

Social media marketing is an effective, easy, and free way to promote your community while showing that you truly care about each and every resident. In addition, this content serves as a chance to enhance relationships with current connections while building new ones!

We’re Here to Help

As a digital marketing agency, Markentum works with senior housing providers across the country to highlight the services and amenities that make them unique. We invite you to contact us for a free evaluation to learn how we can help you market your senior wellness program to the people that matter to you!


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