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The Power of Paid: 5 Tips for 2021 Holiday Season Marketing

Posted by Stephanie Holland on Nov 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Stephanie Holland
| 4 minute read

The Power of Paid - Tips for 2021 Holiday Season Marketing

It’s the holiday season! Have you already launched your paid advertising strategy to incorporate all of your holiday marketing ideas? If not, Markentum has got you covered with five tips to help your 2021 seasonal ads succeed.


First on our list is to research and review what you have done in the past. Take a look at your previous holiday campaigns and ads to see if you can spot trends regarding what engaged your audience.

Also, be sure to take some time to review your current ad campaigns to see if there are clever ways you could update them without completely starting from scratch. 


You also want to make sure that all of your ads are compliant and meet the latest policies that Facebook and Google have rolled out. This time of year is when the ad platforms tend to pay even more attention to their policies due to an increase in users and businesses running ads.

2021 has already seen a new rollout of AI from Facebook that looks for ads in restricted categories (like housing and employment) to ensure users are not breaking policy. We learned that this latest round of AI from Facebook requires ads in a special category to declare the country the campaign will run in. This has to be set at the ad set level of your campaign. If you do not have this new drop-down field selected, Facebook will reject your ads.

Special Ads Category-Facebook

To avoid any downtime, make sure to stay on top of the latest policy updates and changes and adjust your ads quickly to keep them running.


If you are plan to run any new ads throughout the holiday season - even if not specifically related to the holidays - know that competition is at its peak, and optimizing campaigns during the holiday season can be more challenging. 

Ads can also be more expensive! If Facebook can optimize your campaigns now, the cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions will be significantly lower. When looking at past campaigns, Facebook has shared the following data with us:

  • One campaign that launched in early November had a CPM of $7.50, and another that launched two weeks later had a CPM of $18.00, and both ads were for the same service.
So don’t wait - start your holiday campaigns as soon as you can!


If you are going to advertise during the holiday season, it is ideal to include some sort of promotion or seasonal offer. Adding a promotional message to your seasonal advertising gives more depth to your campaign. It can help incentivize users to learn more about your community while also encouraging them to take advantage of your offer - sooner rather than later.

Here are a few incentives that could be used in your holiday campaigns:

  • Offer a discount or consider waiving your deposit or application fee.

  • If your community is pet-friendly, you could offer to waive or discount any fees associated with residents having a pet.

  • Add extra services for prospects who commit within a set timeframe; for instance, you could offer to include packing/moving services.

  • Hosting a holiday-themed event for a limited number of attendees can be a great way to feature your dining services, and the exclusive event is a great way to drive prospective leads via your seasonal advertising.

  • If you have some flexibility to offer a more substantial financial incentive, you could consider a move-in special or a rate lock. Offering a free month’s rent with specific conditions or a discount on the first few months of rent are great incentives! (“Move-in by a certain date to receive a free month,” or “Lock in your special rate when you move-in by DATE.”) 

  • Lastly, you could also offer a referral incentive to encourage your current residents and their family members to get the word out about your community. If you can make this incentive benefit the referrer and the new referred resident, that’s an even bigger win for you!



This is the fun part! Brainstorm with your marketing team to see how you can get creative with your ad copy. You always want your content to encourage users to click on your ad. Using holiday play-on-words or sprinkling in some seasonal phrasing can help your ad copy grab a person’s attention.

You want to make a lasting impression on potential residents and their family members, but you don’t have much time (or room) to do it! While you are getting creative, be sure to focus on the most important information and be as direct and to the point as possible to showcase the benefits of your community and easily highlight your seasonal promotions.

Also, be sure that the landing pages the ads link to match the ad copy and provide consistency in what you are promoting. Providing additional information that the user may need to feel comfortable filling out a contact form is imperative. Finally, if you are including an offer or promotion in your holiday ad copy, don’t forget to use language that instills a sense of urgency.

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