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Markentum's Thoughts: Traffic & Conversion Summit 21 for '21 Challenge

Posted by Megan Daigle on Dec 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Megan Daigle
| 5 minute read

Markentums Thoughts Traffic & Conversion Summit 21 for 21 Challenge

Traffic & Conversion Summit describes itself as "The Premier Gathering of Digital Markets on Planet Earth!" This conference is entirely built around digital marketing and addresses industry issues, and offers insight into what's working now.

The summit focuses on actionable, proven, strategic content from experts and celebrities. In addition to results, the summit offers inspiration to digital business, networking opportunities, and, of course, fun!

The Traffic & Conversion Summit 2020 was originally scheduled for March 31 - April 2, 2020; however, it was postponed to later this year due to COVID-19. They have since made the safe decision to transform the 2020 conference into an entirely virtual gathering.

If you know anything about the Traffic & Conversion Summit, you know that they always go above and beyond, and the 2020 conference, T&C360i, is no exception. T&C360i will not be your ordinary webinar; this is a camera on, engaging conference call offering actionable content in every session. The summit encouraged 2020 ticket holders to transfer their live pass for a digital ticket, which provides PLATINUM VIP access, for free! This transfer comes with many perks - not just that you can wear your slippers and have your dog sleeping at your feet while you learn new digital marketing tactics!

One of those perks was the 21 for '21 Challenge, which just finished this past week. They promised to bring some of the biggest names to teach us 21 Growth Accelerators to make 2021 our best year ever, and they did not disappoint!

21 for '21 Structure 💻

The Challenge happened every day for twelve days (including weekends) for about two hours, with the final day being a full recap and lasting about four hours. If you could not log into the live conference, a free replay was available for 24 hours.

The Challenge was hosted on Facebook Live and Zoom. Markentum's VIP pass allowed us "backstage" each day via Zoom to chat with the presenters and moderators throughout the presentations, as well as stay on the line after the presentations were over to connect further.


As a VIP Pass Holder, Markentum has access to the 21 for '21 Challenge portal, which includes all the recordings, workbooks, resources, and three Wicked Smart Books. As part of the "backstage" perks, we also had access to giveaways from the presenters that included resources like classes, videos, spreadsheets, and more to help us take action in our companies.

The most fun and rewarding aspect of the 21 for '21 Challenge structure was the homework and prizes component. Each presenter would assign an action item based on the strategy they presented. There was no required format for homework assignments - people got creative. In the Facebook Group, there were email templates displayed, videos, data collected from implication, and so much more illustrating how attendees were taking action with what they learned.

Each day prizes were awarded to those who T&C thought had the best homework assignment, and these prizes were a bit more than a gold star. We are talking about iPads, cash prizes, books, and beyond!



Each day there were two to four guests who would present a strategy. Typically, the presenters had about 20 minutes to present their topics. As a Social Advertising Specialist for Markentum, a few of the strategies I specifically jotted down to implement for our senior living paid advertising efforts were:

  • Billy Gene Shaw - Entertainment is a requirement. Boring will put you out of business. Period.

  • Marisa Murgatroyd - If your courses don't create an experience, there's no dopamine hit in your brain. People pay for results and transformation. The best way to get people to the bottom of your funnel is to take them to the top of the mountain.

  • Chris Voss - Business negotiation is about collaboration. It's all about shifting people into a more collaborative mind frame. Humanize yourself to them.

  • John Assaraf - Your brain is worth over a billion dollars. What are you doing with it? Every hour, stop and breathe. Take a minute to AIA (awareness, intention, attention). Flip the switch on your emotions.

You can learn more in their Facebook Group!



As previously mentioned, T&C 2020 is shifting to T&C360i on December 15th - 17th. This is a three day, 60+ session, live, and interactive digital conference. Some of the speakers on the agenda include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marcus Lemonis, Chalene Johnson, Ryan Deiss, and more! These industry leaders have been asked to rework what they were initially going to present to directly address what the marketing world is experiencing right now.

Digital Marketer is planning on T&C 2021 happening in-person, and they promise that it will be amazing, so mark your calendars!

Triangle-Branding-MarkentumWHAT: Traffic & Conversion Summit 2021
WHEN: September 13 - 15, 2021
WHERE: San Diego, CA

Markentum understands how difficult the decisions that T&C has had to make are, and we appreciate that they are continuing to keep our health and safety top of mind. This conference continues to think outside of the box and it is impossible not to feel proud when you listen to, watch, and participate in this dynamic digital community. Markentum is looking forward to T&C360i next month; in the meantime, we will be working to implement the new strategies we've learned from this Challenge! Follow the most recent updates across their social platforms using #TCS2020. 


If you're interested in learning more about our digital marketing services and what Markentum can do for your senior living community, contact us for a free evaluation!


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