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What Does Mobile Marketing Mean?

Posted by Chris Stahler on Jun 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Mobile Marketing_Markentum

As the world evolves, so does the business environment and the methods we use for handling our marketing. As more and more users turn to their smartphones for online interactions, mobile marketing is becoming a more popular and necessary form of marketing. If you look back thirty years ago, our means of advertising were very limited compared to that of today.

As our society becomes increasingly connected, people are seeking more personalized and customized content that shows they are heard and catered to. So, what exactly is mobile marketing and why does it matter to the senior living industry?

What is Mobile Marketing? 🤳

According to CIO Dive, 70% of all internet traffic comes from mobile phones. Smart devices are completely changing how marketing works and how people and brands engage with each other. Mobile marketing is multi-channel online marketing that focuses on reaching a targeted audience on their handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, via email, SMS and MMS messaging, social media, apps, and websites.

Mobile GIF_MarkentumThink about the sheer amount of time you spend on your phone daily. When you see an ad on social media, you can generally tell why that ad is targeting you based on certain things such as your browsing history, interests, or recent online activity. As a business, mobile marketing allows companies to specifically target an audience that their content is relevant towards; the goal of mobile marketing is to create personalized, targeted marketing.

To put it simply, mobile marketing allows your senior living community to reach your targeted audience with more precise marketing tactics that can be better tracked and personalized. Personalization information like time or location allows you to reach people at the optimal time and place. When would you want to see an online ad about a restaurant? At 10:00 am when you’re at work or later in the evening as you venture out?

Mobile marketing solves issues that you may not necessarily even consider, making it an extremely successful and popular method.

How can Mobile Marketing Help my Senior Living Community?

Mobile marketing puts your senior living community information, services, and values in the hands of your audience. One of the best features of mobile marketing is the ability to track it with precise accuracy, unlike ever before. When we put that content into the hands of your audience, we can track how effective it is and tailor it to boost your company and your content.

Mobile technology is expanding at a rapid pace and is no longer a young person’s game. Pew Research has shown that seniors are participating in online activities as well. Mobile marketing takes aim at demographics of all ages, people from all walks of life, and it gives them what they want. If a type of business exists, so does its need for a web presence.


How Does Senior Living Benefit? 🤔

The senior living industry today looks nothing like it did even ten years ago. Technology is advancing and seniors are keeping up with that progression. Senior living communities are also keeping up with the trends - no longer just offering the bare necessities, they are tailoring their services and amenities towards active, technologically savvy older adults.

As senior living communities grow and change with the times, so must the way they market. While it may seem like an odd fit, it is a perfect one. Family members or older adults begin the search on a whim, that data is captured and used to give them relevant ads. It’s as simple as that.

Mobile marketing, thanks to its customization and personalization, is doing wonders for senior living communities and many other businesses. This strategy puts your ads in front of the audience that actually wants them, the people who matter to your business, and has helped businesses grow exponentially.

Branding_MarkentumIf you’d like to learn more about mobile marketing, contact Markentum to set up a free evaluation and see how we can help grow your business!


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