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4 Steps to Generating Leads Better Than Referral Services

Posted by Tighe O'Connor on Apr 7, 2018 10:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

generating leadsMany senior living communities think that they are stuck in generating leads online from referral services that take a hefty commission. Not only are referral services expensive, but any benefit you see from them immediately stops once you stop paying.

It greatly benefits communities to start working on their own inbound plan for gathering leads. Inbound leads are commission-free and can bring you benefit for as long as you have it running. Plus, it makes for a greater user experience by providing families with the resources that they need. Let’s jump into how we make it work.


1. Inbound Content

First, plan out who your audiences are and assign a percentage to them. Then the content that you plan out for your pages should be content that those audience groups will be looking for. When content is helpful to the user, they begin to trust you and sense your expertise which is a key to making them take the next step, the CTA.

Need help creating an audience? Download this helpful guide here


2. Natural CTA (call-to-action)

generating leads markentum

The next critical step is the CTA. Without this, a user will read a blog and then move on. You need to get into the mind of the user and try to understand what their next step would be on their journey. Have a blog talking about memory care services? Don’t offer a second blog on “3 Independent Living Amenities to Look For”, that’s not understanding your audience. Instead, offer a free eBook on “5 Ways to Cope with a Parent Struggling with Alzheimer’s”. On a frequently asked question webpage don’t ask them to schedule a visit, that’s not understanding where they are on the buyer’s journey. Instead have a CTA saying, “Didn’t answer your question? Contact us here”. 


3. Distraction-Free Landing Pages

 Congrats! You got a user to click a button, that’s the tough part. Now don’t blow it by making the final step confusing or distracting. This last step is called the “landing page.” This is the webpage someone “lands” on after clicking a CTA. This page should have one purpose, and that’s the form. Avoid any other content that doesn’t serve them filling out the form and make sure that the form is above-the-fold and visible. We recommend even removing the main navigation and replacing it with a simple logo-only navigation to prevent any distraction.

Here are some great examples of beautifully designed landing pages.

generating leads services


4. Fair Forms

The length of the form should be in direct correlation to what the user is receiving in return. You don’t want to scare away a possibly halfway committed lead. If the user simply wants to sign up for a blog or download an eBook consider just asking for an email (the minimum amount of information you need for lead nurturing). If they want to schedule a visit to your community you’ll need more information and the user will understand that. Consider asking for the first name, last name, email, phone number, and whatever other information you might require (like preferred meeting time or community).


Don’t Forget to Mind Your Manners: Thank You Pages

Don’t forget about the all-important thank you page. You might think that your job is done once they fill out the form. But when someone is already on the hook and converting why stop the offers? There should never be a time where someone isn’t able to act, especially after they finished filling out a form. So, consider offering someone to subscribe to your blog or download an eBook on thank you pages.

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