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How to Trust an Agency with Your Senior Living Voice

Posted by Megan Daigle on Jun 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Megan Daigle
| 6 minute read

How to Trust an Agency with Your Senior Living Voice_Markentum

Whether you are working with a traditional or digital marketing agency, it is crucial to ensure that they understand your brand’s voice. From your tone, connotation, and word choice, your voice and messaging are a significant part of what makes your brand unique.

Here is Markentum’s advice on how to be confident in your marketing agency to use your senior living community’s voice the way you do!



When working with a marketing agency, a quick way you can build initial trust is by looking into their track record with current and previous clients. When looking into their work, do you feel as though the particular client voices are being accurately represented? Dive deeper and search across platforms for that same client, including their website, social media, and other marketing tools to see if their voice is consistently conveyed. When shifting from one platform to the next, there should be no abrupt changes in voice. READ: 6 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN   CHOOSING DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY

You can create comfort when working with a marketing agency by establishing practices between you and your agency to make sure your voice is being accurately conveyed. You can schedule branding calls during onboarding, set up calls with specific content teams such as their social media team, or take an active role in reviewing and editing submitted content before it is published.

An example of something to discuss with your agency is word choice. For instance, in your community, do you refer to them as “residents” or “community members”? Are there specific words or phrases you tend to stay away from, such as “elderly” or “patients”? These are all important notes to share with your agency so that the voice you use at your physical location can be re-created throughout your digital locations (website, emails, etc.).

Another way to build trust with a marketing agency is by choosing an agency that has experience marketing exactly what you do. Some agencies, such as Markentum, focus on specific verticals. Markentum focuses on senior living, which helps us understand the terminology in the industry, and we integrate that into other aspects of our partner’s voice appropriately when creating content. 



When your marketing agency understands your voice, it can adequately relay the emotional aspect of what you do in your senior living communities. We know that for those considering senior living, either for themselves or a family member, it is a well thought out and researched decision. It is not just a short-term product; it is a considerable expense, and the quality of care is of utmost importance. 

Your voice is one of your first impressions to potential customers. It is critical that it correctly relays what makes your community the best option for themselves or their family. You want to ensure consistency in your materials, so when potential customers discuss your brand, they are relaying your voice and values the way you would!

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is -- it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

As a digital marketing agency focused on senior living, Markentum has recognized that two of the largest audiences for senior living are:

  • The potential resident (older adults looking for retirement/care options)
  • The adult daughter (often the family member researching care and communities for one or both parents)

When talking to either (or both) of these audiences, your voice should successfully communicate the essence of your brand and, more importantly, your community. Although the point of view or platform may change, depending on who you are talking to, your voice should be the same. For example, on social media, you may use Facebook to speak towards the potential resident directly rather than Twitter as the demographic is different.



Below we’ve included recent statistics from the advertising industry regarding the power of consistent voice and branding. We’ve taken these facts further by applying them to senior living.

triangleConsistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation. (Demand Metric)

Accurately portraying your senior living brand to potential consumers across all of your marketing efforts will provide an increased likeliness of a sale! You must be consistent in your voice to build the trust of your potential customers. Brands that seem like they are still developing their voice may not be trusted by potential customers looking for a senior living community to call home. 

An agency can help you keep consistency in mind. You must continue to work with your agency as the industry changes, and your voice may change or continue to develop. Together with your agency, you can bring the true essence of what you do in your communities and your company to customers!

86% of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks. (Sprout Social)

Your senior living community should be actively posting on social media. When posting, you must continue to let your brand voice shine through. The frequency and intimacy of social media offers an excellent opportunity to show your authentic brand - and it will pay off with consumers! 

Your customers want to know it all. Is your community under construction? Post an update! Are off-site excursions canceled today due to [insert reason]? Post an update! Sharing updates and being honest about what is occurring in your community will build trust with families. These interactions can also show potential customers how your community cares for your residents even when inopportune happenings occur.

The top four qualities people use to describe why they are loyal to a brand are cost, quality, experience, and consistency. (Facebook)

In senior living, it is vital that your residents and their families are continuously happy with your service. It is your job to take care of them each day, and your voice needs to be consistent to relay this quality service. With a service that is a notable expense, you must convey what makes your experience and quality better than others in the industry.

We know it can be both challenging and frustrating when a third-party agency isn’t relaying something as important as your voice and brand. We hope these tips help you communicate with your agency, or provide you with talking points when looking for a new agency! 

If you would like to learn more about how Markentum can help your senior living organization be heard, contact us for a free evaluation!



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