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Markentum's Thoughts: An Internship That Exceeds Classroom Learning

Posted by Laine Hendrix on Jan 31, 2020 9:00:00 AM
Laine Hendrix
| 2 minute read


Last summer [2019], I was offered the opportunity to work as a social media intern at Markentum. Since I was looking to gain experience in marketing, being particularly interested in social media, this position seemed to be a perfect fit.

After meeting with the Social Media Manager, Lexie, I was excited to work for people who were so passionate about their jobs. As I worked with Lexie, I was able to learn far more than I ever would in a classroom. I was able to gain real-life experience while having an inside view of exactly what Markentum does for their partners and what values they hold as a company.

August_Social_Summit-11Unlike other marketing agencies who may take different types of clients, Markentum specializes in marketing for companies within the senior living industry. I quickly learned just how enthusiastic my co-workers were not only about marketing but also about senior living as an industry. Although most college students approaching their senior year wouldn’t think twice about senior living or how it could affect them, much like myself before taking on my role with Markentum, I realized how rewarding it could be. Working for a company that truly cares about not only the clients but the consumers and families that would be impacted by the content and resources Markentum provides made it very meaningful work.

I am so thankful for the opportunity Markentum gave me and enjoyed the four months I spent working with the social media team! Thanks again, Markentum!


Markentum has been fortunate to work with wonderful interns, like Laine, who are excited to learn about marketing and become passionate (like us!) about senior living. We are always looking for new talent to grow and add to our team (we've even had interns who became full-time employees with us!).

Interested in being part of the team? Looking for the best internship around? Contact us and gain momentum in your career!



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