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Markentum Monday: January 2022

Posted by Markentum Team on Jan 3, 2022 8:30:00 AM
Markentum Team
| 4 minute read

Markentum Monday-January 2022

Once a month, Markentum Monday highlights what our team is using, what quotes are inspiring us, and more! 🌱If you're looking for musical motivation, make sure to follow our Spotify playlist, 2022: Music with Momentum!


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triangle2022 Reading Challenge

In 2021, for the first time, I set myself a goal of how many books I wanted to read in the year, and I exceeded it! Setting this goal motivated me to push myself and expand my library.

I am starting 2022 off on the same note by setting a new, higher goal! I am excited to start reading and encourage you to do the same.

- Loreal Hiscock, Content Marketing Manager


2022 Reading Goal


triangleGoogle: Year in Search 2021

Google's 2021 Year in Search is a compelling look at a year focused on growth and moving forward. Across the globe, people are striving to better themselves and their communities. 

Here's to 2022! 



triangleYearly Planner

Planners help you keep track of tasks, appointments, ideas, and more. They let you see a day, week, or month all at once, helping you stay on track, meet deadlines, and exceed goals. As author Napoleon Hill once said, "Plan your work and work your plan," and we couldn't agree more! 




triangleThis Month's Quote

Care is at the heart of all of the senior living communities we work with. As we continue to navigate health concerns and changes, we are proud to continue working with such great businesses that care for and protect the senior population!


Rollo May Quote


triangle2022: Music with Momentum 🎧




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