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Are You Budgeting Enough for Marketing in 2024?

Posted by Kim Rosengren on Oct 9, 2023 7:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

As we move into Q4, operators across the country are finalizing comprehensive marketing strategies and budgets. Senior living leaders can expect to see increases in marketing expenses in everything from digital media spend to paper costs. Are you budgeting enough for your comprehensive marketing strategy? Here is a quick look at the major categories for marketing in senior living.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2022: What to Expect

Posted by Rachelle Ransom on Jan 4, 2022 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. What is trending today may not be tomorrow. And what’s going to be trending in six months might not even be created yet. Of course, you want to help your senior living community thrive and stay current, but how do you know what the next big thing will be?

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Tags: Data-Driven Marketing, Integrated Marketing

Moving Forward & Combatting Staffing Shortages with Integrated Marketing Solutions

Posted by Markentum Team on Nov 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

The global economy’s labor crisis is something that the senior housing industry knows all too well. Senior living communities have been struggling with high employee turnover rates long before the pandemic and unfortunately, COVID-19 made matters worse. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing homes and residential care facilities lost nearly 13% or 380,000 workers between February and July 2020 (seniorlivingnews.com).”

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Tips for Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy in 2021

Posted by Rachelle Ransom on Jan 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

Whether you are an experienced marketer or are just beginning your marketing efforts, you likely have marketing objectives that you want to reach (and hopefully, exceed!). One of best ways to approach these goals is by creating a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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Tags: Lead Generation, Integrated Marketing

Markentum's Thoughts: COVID-19 & the "New Normal" of our Digital World

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Sep 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

In 2019, according to Oberlo, 85% of consumers conducted online research before making a purchase online. That’s a pre-COVID statistic! With less opportunity to spend time in physical locations, say scheduling an in-person tour, more people are turning to online research to find solutions during COVID.

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What Is The Buyer’s Journey?

Posted by Lauren Kaudelka on Aug 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 5 minute read

Every person has been on the buyer’s journey—even if you didn’t know there was a name for it! The buyer’s journey is the process of realizing that you have a problem, and the series of choices you make to solve this problem.

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Tags: Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Integrated Marketing

Using Digital Marketing to Inform & Educate During a Crisis Situation

Posted by Loreal Hiscock on Mar 24, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

During a time of crisis or emergency, as a business, you want to inform, educate, and comfort your customers, guests, and prospects. How you handle an emergency situation will not only define your brand’s current image but can impact how future customers do business with you.

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Channel Your Integrated Marketing Voice

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Mar 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 5 minute read

What concept could The Beatles and omni-channel marketing possibly share? While The Beatles were groundbreaking in creating exciting sonic pop landscapes, the Fab Four relied on each of their core skills working in harmony to achieve their success.

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Tags: Lead Generation, Integrated Marketing

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by Markentum Team on Jan 24, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

When thinking about a digital marketing strategy to promote your senior living community, you may think that an in-house marketing team is the answer. However, they may not always have the time or resources to execute effective results.

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Tags: Account Management, Integrated Marketing

3 Top Marketing Trends for 2020

Posted by Hollee Kennedy on Jan 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM | 6 minute read

The evolution of marketing and technology over the years has been explosive and has no plans of slowing down. It was just a few years ago that social media started entering the marketing world, and today it is a basic fundamental practice to have a social media presence.

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