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Markentum's Thoughts: The Mentor's Voice Podcast

Posted by Chris Mohrman on Feb 2, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Chris Mohrman
| 3 minute read

Podcast-The Mentors Voice

As a digital marketing agency focused on providing services for the senior living industry, Markentum looks for new opportunities to share resources related to the field of aging. Despite COVID, one of those opportunities grew from an idea into reality this past year.

Through my involvement with the LeadingAge Tennessee team (Go, Gwyn Earl!), I was connected with Christy Kramer, VP of Student Engagement and Workforce Partnerships at LeadingAge. After a lot of brainstorming sessions, and becoming pandemic induced Zoom experts, an exciting idea took shape. We are thrilled to share that we are the proud podcast parents of The Mentor's Voice.

Markentum in partnership with LeadingAge launched The Mentor's Voice in November 2020 at the LeadingAge Annual Conference. 

What Makes The Mentor's Voice Special?

It is our mission to create a podcast that provides students and young professionals in the field of aging with the opportunity to interview and learn from leaders or mentors. By giving students direct access to ask mentors questions about their experience and journey, we believe that hearing the voice of mentors and leaders will bring knowledge, inspiration, and guidance for the future. Through these candid conversations, we all have access to fresh insights into the past, present, and future! 

The Mentors Voice

On a personal level, as president of Markentum, I am thankful that we are able to support another venture that works to connect the generations. With so many negative stigmas and views regarding the different generations, it has become a personal passion to find ways to grow and strengthen the relational dynamics between generations.

At Markentum, we are fortunate to have several different generations working together on our team. Through our work for The Mentor's Voice, we continue that mission to help grow the bond between generations. 

DISCOVER The Mentor's Voice

The Mentor's Voice podcast is currently released twice a month on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Each episode features a student or young professional interviewing a mentor. You will learn, you might laugh, and you may even cry as stories of life are shared. You can subscribe by visiting thementorsvoice.com or looking for us on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other podcast subscription services.

We also welcome you to find and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you are a student interested in interviewing, send me an email. Mentors and leaders are also welcome to reach and contact me. Let's share the learning and love as we all grow old together. 

Markentum is proud to provide ongoing support for The Mentor's Voice. Be sure to check out LeadingAge as well! They are an incredible resource with a passion for making America a better place to grow old.

I hope you listen and learn with us on The Mentor's Voice!


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